Medical Ultrasound Society of Singapore (MUSS) was founded in 1997. The objectives of MUSS were to advance the science and practice of medical sonography and allied subjects, promote education, training and research in technical aspects of ultrasound in medicine and foster and preserve unity of professionals in medical ultrasound in Singapore

Following the suggestions of Dr C Chinta Wilde, the inaugural meeting of MUSS took place on in 1997. In that meeting, Dr C Chintana Wilde, was elected as President. Seven other office bearers, namely the vice-president, secretary, assistant secretary, treasurer and three ordinary members, were also elected. Thereafter, quarterly meetings took place in conjunction with scientific presentations and educational courses in various institutions.


On 31 August 2002, MUSS held its first Annual Weekend Seminar where its members, as well as non-members, participated in a series of scientific and educational talks presented by experienced sonographers and radiologists. Thereafter, the tradition of weekend seminar continued to take place annually.


On the 28th to 29th of September 2013, MUSS held its 11th Annual Weekend Seminar in conjunction with the 11th AFSUMB Workshop. This is the first collaboration with the AFSUMB Education Committee. This Annual Seminar featured many of Asia’s top ultrasound practitioners whose institutions use cutting edge ultrasound technology. Some of the sessions in this meeting also included basic principles in ultrasound diagnosis that are essential for good practice. This event opened a new chapter for MUSS to become more established within the Asian countries.